Why hire leakinc?

At leakinc, we offer high standard services at very affordable prices. Our team makes sure that our work is precise, flawless and that all assignments are completed on time. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Evaporation or pool leak?

A pool loses water through evaporation and the rate depends on humidity, temperature and wind. However, if you notice that your pool is losing the same amount of water all the time or that more water is lost when you run your filter, this may be a sign of a static or pressure leak.

Can I repair my own pool leak?

Yes, you may; but it is doubtful that you will obtain results of the same high standards as you will if you hire leakinc for the job. Our team is fully trained, experienced and equipped to carry out the most efficient leak detection and repairs for you.

Save time, water and money, call us if you need swimming pool services.

How do I contact and hire the services of leakinc?

Call Matthew Dyson for a quote on (02) 8677 0621. He can be reached through fax, (02) 8677 0632, and email, service@leakinc.com.au as well.