Pool Underwater Structural Repairs in Sydney

leakinc examines and repairs the underwater cracks in your pool.

We devise innovative and practical solutions to repair your swimming pool in Sydney.

Pool Underwater Structural Repairs Sydney

Underwater Pool Repair Services

Underwater pool repair is a service offered only by specialists in the pool repair industry.

leakinc saves your time and money by providing expert underwater pool repair services. We use state-of-the-art equipment, scuba gear and special air tools to perform several kinds of underwater repairs.

Get in touch with our divers for quick leak detection and underwater repair!

Professional and affordable underwater operations

Repairing Underwater Cracks

leakinc can solve the majority of pool repair problems by working underwater. Apart from saving time and money, this method is environmentally-friendly and is a better alternative in drought-stricken areas.

We can restore pools marred with unsightly rebar rust spots, cracks and many other pool surface issues that are directly underwater.

Call the specialists for quick and effective underwater repair services!

Working without draining your pool


Our Pool Services:

  • Non-destructive leak detection
  • Underwater structural dive and repairs
  • Minor plumbing and structural repairs for concrete, fibreglass and vinyl pools

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