Fibreglass Pool Repairs

Contact leakinc for excellent fibreglass pool repair services in Sydney.

We handle both above and underground pool repair services.

Fibreglass Pool Repairs Sydney

Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Fibreglass swimming pools are a strong and long-lasting type of pool. They can be moulded into different shapes and are available in different sizes.

Fibreglass pools are low maintenance and work well with salt chlorine generators. In addition, fibreglass pools are easy to install and are perfectly suited for earthquake prone areas.

Call leakinc for pool maintenance and leak repair in Sydney!

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Fibreglass Pool Repair Services

leakinc can provide fibreglass swimming pool repair and refinishing services. Our team offers practical colour matching repairs no matter what colour your fibreglass pool is.

We can take care of spider cracks in your fibreglass pool and perform a neat and professional job. Our team closely supervises and ensures everything is done following standard repair measures.

Providing the right solution to your pool repair needs

We Provide:

  • Pool leak detection
  • Pool leak repair
  • Pipe network pressure testing
  • Underwater leak tests and detection

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